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This is a pretty old thread, but since it has been brought up again, I will try to update it a bit.

Sig and B. Rizzini have had a falling out, and Sig will no longer distribute B. Rizzini guns. The remaining stock of Sig Rizzinis is being sold off at sale prices, creating a good opportunity to pick up a nice gun at a good price. In the very near future, Sig will be distributing shotguns made by Fabarms. H&K used to distribute Fabarms, but dropped them.

B. Rizzini went into partnership with Rich Cole of Cole Gunsmithing to form Rizzini USA, which is doing a better job of distributing shotguns than Sig ever did.

Rizzini USA:

Cole Gunsmithing:

"F.illi" is an abbreviation for "Fratelli", which is the Italian word for "brothers". The Rizzini Brothers are uncles of Batista, Isadoro, and Emilio Rizzini. They make very expensive guns.

B, I, and E Rizzini operate separate companies, making similar guns of slightly different quality and price levels.

B, I, and E Rizzini have 2 nephews named Guerini. The Guerini brothers worked with Uncle Batista until they decided to go out on their own under the name of Caesar Guerini. (Neither of the Guerini brothers is named "Caesar" - the company is named after an ancestor.) I have heard (but cannot verify) that many of the parts for Guerini guns are made by Fabarms, and assembled and finished by Guerini.

Nick, I really don't know the answer to your question, but my guess is the E. Rizzini guns are better than the Turkish guns imported by Armsport. Somebody may call me down on that, but that is my general impression.
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