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Sighting-in: want cheap slugs to get on paper.

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Hey all,

I've got a Mossberg 500 combo with a 28" ported smooth bore barrel and a 24" ported, fully rifled barrel; I couldn't be happier with it.

Anyway, as an early Christmas present, my wife gave me the Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40 I've been eyeing-up. This Sunday, I'm off to sight-in. I will be starting at 50 yards, and once I consistently hit 1-2 inches high, I'll move back to 100 yards. I've got a few boxes of premiem sabots from different mfgs, so I can see what my Mossy likes best.

What I hope is that someone can recommend cheap "target" slugs to get me on paper - BUT they have to be "rifled barrel safe" - i.e. won't fill my rifling with lead or otherwise impact accuracy.

I don't feel like gettin all banged-up and wasting my money just trying to get on paper.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts and suggestions.
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The premium sabot slugs are a waste of money out of a smooth bore barrel. They are made for rifled barrels. You would get better performance from rifled (foster) type slugs.

To get started I suggest a piece of patterning paper to get started so if your scope is way off at least you'll be able to see where it's hitting.
I always start my sighting in session at a target so close and so big that I KNOW I can't miss the paper. That way, it only takes one shot to get on the paper. Adjust and move back from there in several increments until you get the distance you want to sight in.
Take a look at the Remingtion Buckhammers I used some when I patterned my wifes mossy 500 with teh 24" fully rifled slug barrel. I don't remember how much exactly but the were under $8 I remember that.
Cheap Sabot Slugs for the Rifled Barrel

Winchester Super X BRI slugs and Federal Classic Sabot Slug both are around 6.50 a box
Brenneke K.O. sabots are 5.49 per box and average 2" groups at 75 yds. out of my rifled mossy 500.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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