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sights - trap/sporting vs front only

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Is there any reason not to install trap/sporting style sights on a field gun?I see only benefits for doing that...Also any oppinions on fiber-optic sights and which ones?
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Many of the hunter types don't think there is a need for a mid rib sight bead, but the fact that competition shooters have them should point to the fact that they have a function. Think of longer shots, you are sending a spray of pellets 6-9 feet wide at a target about 4" across(actually less when you consider the target presentation based on angle) at ranges of 150+ feet. Handicap trap targets are shot at 50+ yards. You start at 16 yds from the trap house and take a 1-yard step back as you get better out to 23yds from the house, the bird gets out to 20+ yards before you take the shot. Same with some of the sporting clays shots. You have to think more like you are shooting a rifle than a shotgun by actually aiming at where the target is going to be.Just like with typing, you have to learn where the keys are before you can type without looking at them, same with the sight pic, you learn to consciously stack the beads at first, and then shoot at many targets to get the correct lead. After awhile the sight pic becomes peripheral, you dont think to stack the beads, muscle memory and lots of practice have ingrained the feel and the look. That is why gun mount is so important. Most of the sporting games are about consistency, similar to bowling or archery, you want to do the same thing over and over again exactly the same.The two beads can also help with canting the shotgun, you can see the beads sitting beside one another if you are not mounting the gun correctly.As to fiberoptic sights, I like the HiViz products. The one that I like is the Comp sight, has a lower profile than most of the magnetic types, it has various diameter rods in 3 colors and it screws into the place of the original front sight. TruGlow also makes some nice ones, I like them more for slugs and turkey as they have a 2-dot rear sight that you center the blade style front sight. There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
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Thanks Rick. appreciate it.
I shoot competition trap (no scores mentioned) and i don't even look at the beads exept to make sure i'm not canting my gun. I know where my gun shoots and where i need to hold to hit the target. I pay the most attention to the target
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