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Silverado Side by Side

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Has anyone owned , shot, or seen one of these? I'm thinking of getting one but don't know TOO much about it. Like it or hate it?
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I'd like to know about them too. Got the chance to handle a few coach guns the other day and thought I might like one myself. They sure handle nicely. Might be a fun toy and with screw in chokes, a field gun too?.........I'd like the silverado but it doesn't come with screw in chokes like the others. Does anyone know if Stoeger will bend a little and accomodate my request for screw in chokes on a silverado? How's their customer service?...................BTW the only thing I didn't like about these guns was the safety. At least 2 of 4 that I handled didn't seem to be quite right. They don't fully engage, (or dis-engage actually) just like the Mossberg safeties when they go bad. Anyone else notice this, is there an easy fix?
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