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Size of Remington bead sight?

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Are the bead sights used on Remington shotguns all the same size and thread? If so, does anyone know the diameter of the bead and the thread size? Was going to stop by the 'Smith on the way home but figured I'd try here first.

M590 man
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Hi M590man:

Be careful of making assumptions about beads on Remington products; configuration is very much dependent on your specific model and when it was produced. In my safe right now I have a Model 58 with a factory threaded bead, an M11 that had a press-fit bead (now drilled & tapped, guess why?), and a vented rib 878 of 'indeterminate' configuration (read: "not messing with what's not broken"). If you have doubts, see a gunsmith, as it won't be too expensive and is far better than the Oh S*** you might get by trying to unscrew a pressed in bead- trust me on this!

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