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Sizing already loaded ammo ?

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Anyone know of a way to size the brass head on an already loaded round?

I ve got 2-3 boxes of loaded 410 ammo that doesn’t fit in chamber of my SA. It’s right at .476 on the brass and if I size it to .472 it functions well. I adjusted my Mec600 so it s sizing well now but unfortunately have as I mentioned 2-3 boxes loaded ammo needing slightly more sizing on brass.

Would like to size it without disassembling the rounds. This is a pretty easy procedure with loaded rifle ammo but haven’t ran into it on shotgun ammo. A collet or something similar would do the trick but not sure where to find such an animal.
Thx for any ideas or experiences.
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Super-sizer would do it. MEC advises against resizing loaded ammo tho.

Also an expensive solution for 2-3 boxes.
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I used a Mec ring resizer that I modified by taking the bolt and primer punch out. Then I cut myself a shorter bolt and put a dime on the crimp (might have been something smaller) and fiddled with the bolt length until it pushed the shell out of the ring. Supersizer would be better.
Super sizer seems to be a solution. As mentioned more expensive than 2-3 boxes worth but gives me “ an idea” …. Friend has lathes ( builds rifles, etc) and I ll go see him and use the collet in the lathe to squeeze them with!

Hopefully works! Thx for suggestions guys ! 👍
I have a similar problem created by shoving Cheddite primers in Rem hulls. It expands the brass to where it won't fit in my Beretta O/U chambers. That gun requires sizing with a collet die any time. I have resorted to taking the deprime punch out of my Sizemaster and running them through the collet after priming. It's a pain so I quit using the Cheddites in the Rem hulls. Even drilling out the plastic didn't help. Not sure how safe, but sometimes "desperate things call for desperate measures".
Flyn Dutchman …. Guess what primers I m loading?? Chedditte!! I ll watch that, maybe use some CCI or WW , could be part of problem and not all sizing related! Thx
I was just on a site asking about powder, and I stated I just bought 1600 Cheddite primers from Sportsmans Warehouse ( 200 per day). I was going to use those primers with Green Dot and a 3/4 ounce 20-gauge load in my Beretta SPI. I heard about the primers being a little larger than American made ones, but I also heard that the newer Cheddite primers are close to the American made ones now.
I've used a SuperSizer 777 successfully for that. Adjust to minimum amount of resizing you need to take care of the problem. If you are leary, size down some primer-only hulls, wearing your eyes and ears protection, as a test. Just don't put your head directly above the SuperSizer.

When doing this in a 12 gauge, there is at least 0.20" of plastic (or paper) hull base between the sizing force and the primer. And, you are squeezing sideways, not from the primer cup forward toward the anvil that is inside the battery cup.

Super Sizer

Another way, which I have never had to try out, would be to get the matching gauge shotgun shell chamber checking tool - it's a cylinder with ID same as the nominal chamber opening. UniqueTek carries one for 12 gauge. Place the round base down on a piece of clean leather. Tap the cylinder checker down with a rubber or plastic mallet so the oversize round is fully inside the loaded-round checker, which will do the proper amount of resizing. And without putting pressure on the primer itself. Push round back out with a wood dowel.

One of a couple of Uniquetek's loaded round checkers

Oh, but .410 may be a little tough to find.

good luck, garrisonjoe
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The offending Cheddite primers are the new lots ones. I can't tell that they are different from the ones I have from ten years ago. Fiocchi and Rios make it even worse.
I've resized many a shell with my Mec SSer be it 10, 12, or 410. Cheddite made, or still makes two different size primers. A larger one for Europe and the standard 209 for the USA. I haven't seen the larger one for quite some time now. Probably 10 years ago I was loading for the wife, daughter, grand daughter, and me between 30 to 40 boxes a week and at that time was using Cheddite primers. That's somewhere between 35 to 40,000 shells a year and never found a oversized Cheddite primer. I could go back and forth between Cheddite and Win primers with no problem. They all went in just fine using a Mec 650. The only problem was 28ga Remington hulls. The plastic base has a smaller flash hole that a #1 drill will open up so primers other than Remingtons will go in. We have maybe 50 shotgunners at the club, many of them using Cheddite primers. I have never heard of anyone having problems with the Cheddites making the shells expand. My wife has a Beretta O/U with tight chambers. I had to use the super sizer for any shell fired in a different gun.You must have some other problem than Cheddite primers expanding the shell. Yes the RIO and Fiocchi primers are a bit larger. Once used you have to keep on using them. But I have never heard of them expanding the shells outside diameter. Just the primer pocket making them too big for other primers to stay in.
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Wish it wasn't so but by the time I ram them in hard enough to make them flush the metal has expanded enough they will not chamber without running through the collet again. Maybe my reprimer punch is over sized. I don't like Rem hulls because the crimps burn off in 3-4 loadings but I was given about 500 so I am making the work with other primers. Cheddite primers are larger in diameter than Win. I have measured them, so have others. The new ones even stay tight in my previously primed Fiocchi hulls. Win 209 won't.
Just finished running 110 shells through the collet on my friends lathe. All chamber now, I checked each and everyone in my gun!!

Out of curiosity I measured the Cheddittes, WW and CCI primers. Didn’t have a mic but with my dial calipers both the chedditte and WW were .243 +/~ and the CCI was .240-.241. Primed 9 hulls with 3 of each primer….. Cheddittes took sized Rem brass head from .472 to .475…. Chambered but snug. WW only increased diameter to .473-.474 even though it and Chedditte are very similar sized primers. Thinking WW is a little softer, looks like aluminum vs steel cup.

CCI might have increased brass diameter .001 but hard to measure that close with dial calipers. Definitely the CCI primed hulls “fell” in the chamber much easier.

I ve never had this problem with 12,20 or 28. I guess an old dog (me) can even learn a new trick or two. Going to load CCI s in those Rem 410 hulls. Hope we start seeing some variety on the primer shelves soon. I ve got plenty Cheddittes but not many CCI for 410 loading!
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410 is only on I have any trouble with. 12, 20, and 28 have more plastic or paper around the primer to absorb the size without bulging the metal. Glad you got them sized down with the collet.
When I first started reloading 2-3/4" Fiocchi target hulls with steel heads I found out my Mec Grabber was not sizing them down far enough. It sized the brass hulls just fine but not the steel headed hulls. I had 4 flats of shells that would not fit in my Browning O/U.

After adjustibg the collet on my grabber to size the steel hulls down farther I removed the deprime punch on my grabber.

Then I ran those 4 flats of shells through the sizing station on my Mec Grabber. I had no problems resizing those Fiocchi loaded shells with the deprime punch removed.
All good info. Thx for the help guys!
So what have we learned going into the future. For me…shooting 2 different 410s and 28s ga.….if the hull fits coming out of the chamber it will (should) fit going back in. Has for me, so I keep my hulls dedicated to their specific gun. This saves me having to Super-size them.
Another is while the base will fit, the rim has expanded enough to prevent COMPLETE closure of the gun, enough to prevent the thumb latch from closing completely….preventing firing of the gun (Browning 725).
Finally I learned from a MEC expert that only a MEC 600 cranked down will do the rim (I believe), most MECs will not do the rim ( my 9000H will not).
3 things:
Match your hulls to your gun, no SSizing them.
Hull rim expansion, no issue if you follow #1.
Having a Super Sizer ($150) is a valued tool. Another shape of a dollar bill. Sell it later.

I have resized loaded rounds many times, still have all 12 fingers…no holes in ceiling.
So far.

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HenryPeter, I ve only got 1 410 so hulls were shot in that gun, sized and when primed, swelled those Rem hulls where chambering was “no go”. It’s a SA so fit a little more critical for correct functioning.

Side note, my AAHS and Fed Top Gun hulls didn’t do this …..
If was was going to again resize loaded ammo with a SizeMaster, I might try to rig a box, or bucket, over the machine. Maybe cut a slot for the handle.
HenryPeter, I ve only got 1 410 so hulls were shot in that gun, sized and when primed, swelled those Rem hulls where chambering was “no go”. It’s a SA so fit a little more critical for correct functioning.

Side note, my AAHS and Fed Top Gun hulls didn’t do this …..
Yeh…..the power of SA ejection I guess. I only shoot O/Us and the system described works for me. Interesting your AA and Fed reloads work, not the Remingtons.
What primers are you using in the Remingtons?

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