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I recently came in possession of an SKB500 O/U in 12 ga.. It is in very nice condition, and shoots nicely. Everything works as it should except........

The forend comes loose after a few shots. Slight pressure snaps it back in place. I took it off and inspected it. The metal portion did not fit into the wooden forend well, so I corrected that. No change.

The release lever that locks the forend onto the barrel had been "modified" greatly, the schematic shows the area above the slot in the locking lever to have square shoulder, the one in the gun has been ground round but fits flat into the recessed slot and finger hole. When the metal portion is removed from the wood, it locks tightly into place, however I have not tried to shoot it this way to see if it comes loose when shot. However, when it's assembled and installed it locks into place until it's shot.

I am concerned that the flat leaf spring that locks the lever in place may be have been installed incorrectly by the previous owner. With the forend removed, the barrel end pointed away from you, there is a screw that holds the leaf spring in place, the spring, a steel pin that the leaf spring goes under, and the lever. The spring is bent/shaped in an arch away from the barrels and has minimal contact with the level and locking slot. When you pull the lever to remove the forend it has slight pressure, a small click and pulls away to about 90 degrees from the forend and does not have any spring tension on it. When I reinstall it the lever has light contact with the spring, I can hear it scrape against it, then "clicks" into a locked position in the recess. On my other shotguns the forend removal lever only moves about a quarter of an inch, remains under tension, the forend comes off, and the lever snaps back into the recess, remaining under spring tension.

I'm wondering if the spring should go under the steel pin, with the tip bent UP toward the barrels where it would snap into the slot of the locking lever, of if it goes OVER the pin...

I'd try all of the different permutations, but I don't want to break the tip off of the spring if I can help it!!

If anyone has a 500, could you take a look? Perhaps snap a pic?

Nice gun, and I got it at great price. The previous owner said he "had problems" with it, and I think this is it. I don't know if he bought it new and "worked on it" or bought it used and it was like this.

Any info/help is appreciated.

Otherwise I'm looking at duct tape!!!!!!! {hs#
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