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Small but fun victory for the Super X 1

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Got a small hash mark for the classic Super X-1 today! Finished second in a "pullers choice" skeet tournament. Not a big deal for all of you good shooters but for a mediocre non-competitor guy like me I got a charge out of it...mostly because of which gun I used. Everybody else was shooting an O/U except for one 1100. Wasn't a high pressure big money event...just lots of fun and enough competition to get the juices flowing a little. Lots of laughs all around. Not a lot of guys entered this time as it was opening day bow season. I got most of my money back but I sure would like to have a couple (actually just one would have made a big difference) simple, stupid, fundamental mistakes back.

It's a neet format you might want to try at your club. You load two shells at each station and the puller throws whatever he likes in any sequence and with any random timing. Sometimes you get a bird (or birds) the instant your action closes and other times you have an agonizing wait for the target to be released, or anywhere between those two extremes.

I'm really liking the Super X more and more. Reliable as hell and well...just different. Hard to explain. It just has a solid feel of quality and balance to it. I can't wait until next time...I'm dying to get a first place finish for the best and most unique autoloader ever built!
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Great description of your shooting game. This is the way shooting should be,
and it can't be denied, an extra measure of satisfaction to do it with gun
of cult status like the SX1.
All those games are fun, and congrats GG.

I hope our club gets back to playing all the games again, like skrap, the derbies, iron man comps, follow me's, etc etc etc. The club went back to the directors running things and it's a total wreck when that happens. These board members forgot it was a gun club, NOT a trap club, I hope it survives this one but right now it's hanging by a thread.

When we used to play all the games and registered/trap had its place, everyone got along, everyone pitched in/had fun and the club grew by leaps and bounds. Now it's stagnant to dead, the "anti's" are winning without lifting a finger, don't let this happen to your club.
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