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Rem Brown;

I don't have my book here at home right now but assuming this gun is a model 10 in 85 to 95% condition it will probably fall in the $250 to $500 range. I doubt it will be more as there are lots and lots of that model out there.
They are a very good, reliable handgun and were used by law enforcement nation wide at one time or another. That is one reason for the huge numbers that were manuf.

Unless you are pressed for some reaon, I would not try to sell it as opposed to keeping it and having a lot of fun shooting it. Ammo for them is fairly cheap and they handlemost 38 ammo very well where recoil is concerned so even your ladies can enjoy a day at the range with one of these.

Hope this helps. If I had the book I could give you the numbers better and if I knew the model and any possible extras that it may have had added although on that gun if it is a model 10 there were not many extras offered beyond the tapered and the heavy barrels.

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