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I have a Model Smith & Wesson Model 1000 shotgun my dad gave me when I was about 13 (52 now). After many years of having issues, which were light strikes, improper cycling, and numerous visits to various gunsmiths, I decided to rebuild the shotgun. After dealing with the normal issues related to this model, I also replaced firing pins, internal springs in the trigger assembly. In short, the gun shoots like a dream. 250 shells or so with no issues.

What I am missing is a capacity reducing pin #366610B. I cant find one anywhere and want to use this gun on the dove field in a few weeks. Two Questions:

1. I have scoured the internet, but is there a site I have overlooked that could have one in stock?

2. If not, then is there another option. I was thinking of a universal shotgun plug (or old #2 Pencil trick), but as finicky as these guns are, I don't really want to cause issues on the Dove field.

Any help would be appreciated and Thanks in advance.
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