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Smooth Bore - Full Choke and Slugs

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I will be hunting with a Mossberg 695 and I want to take my wife with me and my 12 Ga Mossberg 500 w/ rifled barrel is too much gun for her.

My father has given me an old 16 Ga, bolt action shotgun with a full choke (forgive me for not having the name). What i was wondering was can slugs be shot through it and if so what type: fosters, rifled, sabots?

I have heard several different opinions about this: see links below from people who say yes you can. ... ?read=5125

I also have a youth model Mossberg 500 20 ***** w/ 3 choke tubes. Would this be a better gun for her and which choke tube and what type of slugs?

Thanks for all the help. This is a wonderful site.
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Well I guess this "slugs through a full choke barrel" is never going to go away. I assume everyone here understands "lawsuit". NO manufacturer is going to put themselves in the position to be sued because of an inherent problem with there ammunition. There is NO danger in shooting rifled slugs thru a full choked shotgun barrel assuming the gun is in good condition. This is due to the fact that rifled slugs are smaller in diameter that the tightest full choke. Rifled slugs are actually finned and this is done in an attempt to stabilize the slug in flight. This is also the reason they aren't particularly accurate but this varys from gun to gun and with a variable choke changing the setting may improve accuracy.
The slugs in a full choke gun is an old wifes tale that has been around since I was a kid.
*If anyone questions this I'd suggest you contact any of the shotgun manufacturers and ask them.
Yes. Rifled slugs are the way to go for a smoothbore shotgun. You may have to try multiple brands before you find the one that works best in your particular gun.
BTW: My knowledge of using shotguns for deer is probably outdated since I haven't lived in a shotgun state since 1994.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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