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Smooth Bore - Full Choke and Slugs

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I will be hunting with a Mossberg 695 and I want to take my wife with me and my 12 Ga Mossberg 500 w/ rifled barrel is too much gun for her.

My father has given me an old 16 Ga, bolt action shotgun with a full choke (forgive me for not having the name). What i was wondering was can slugs be shot through it and if so what type: fosters, rifled, sabots?

I have heard several different opinions about this: see links below from people who say yes you can. ... ?read=5125

I also have a youth model Mossberg 500 20 ***** w/ 3 choke tubes. Would this be a better gun for her and which choke tube and what type of slugs?

Thanks for all the help. This is a wonderful site.
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Since I first became a member of this forum several months ago, I have been telling people repeatedly that it will not harm a gun in good condition to shoot rifled slugs through a full choke. Millions of slugs have been shot through full chokes with no harm. I have also said that the slugs are smaller in diameter than the full choke and that the slugs are very soft lead. Just a few minutes ago, to refresh my memory on the numbers, I cut another slug open and measured it. This was a Remington Express 1 ounce 12 gauge rifled slug.

The slug was slightly irregular in its diameter and I got measurements varying from .685" to .691" at the widest parts of the slug. Most full choke 12 gauge guns are between .695" to .700" at the tightest part of the choke. So, you can see that the slug is actually smaller in diameter than the full choke. Besides, the lead is very soft and could easily swage down to a slightly smaller diameter if it had to.

Personally, I would refrain from shooting slugs through Extra Full chokes or Turkey chokes or something like that because they may actually be tighter than .690", but for full chokes of .695" to .700" in guns in good condition, I would have no fear of shooting rifled slugs through them.
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CLAY wrote: "As the propellant burns, the expanding gasses leak past the riefled slug."

Clay, I'm sorry to inform you, but that is NOT correct. The reason it is not correct is because shotgun slugs have a large fiber base wad which is between the slug and the burning powder gasses. This base wad seals the bore so that no gasses get past the slug. Actually, there might be a very slight amount of gasses get past the wad as the wad and slug jump from the chamber to the forcing cone, but the amount would be very small. Once in the barrel, the wad effectively seals off the slug from the expanding gasses behind it. So, in effect, this thick wad is actually pushing the slug down the barrel.
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