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Smooth Bore - Full Choke and Slugs

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I will be hunting with a Mossberg 695 and I want to take my wife with me and my 12 Ga Mossberg 500 w/ rifled barrel is too much gun for her.

My father has given me an old 16 Ga, bolt action shotgun with a full choke (forgive me for not having the name). What i was wondering was can slugs be shot through it and if so what type: fosters, rifled, sabots?

I have heard several different opinions about this: see links below from people who say yes you can. ... ?read=5125

I also have a youth model Mossberg 500 20 ***** w/ 3 choke tubes. Would this be a better gun for her and which choke tube and what type of slugs?

Thanks for all the help. This is a wonderful site.
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Spin is only one way to stabilize a projectile. The Abrams Tank fires its projectiles down a smooth bore. Some of those projective are actively stabilized with some type of guidance system but many of the projectiles are passively stabilized. The sabot kinetic energy penatrator round is fin stabilized. The HEAP rounds also are fin stablized and they have very small fins relative to the KE rounds. All of these round can be fired very accurately out to sever thousand meters. Now a 120mm projective has a serious BC when compared to a 12 slug but it always amazes me that some slug manufactures have not tried to create a fin stablized sabot slug for a 12 gage. Especially with the avalibility of the longer 3 1/2 inch cases would make it easier to make a fin stabilized slug that was long and thin enought to fly stable but still have enough mass to be an effective deer projectile.

Sorry that is off topic but it sort of jumped into my mind.

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