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Smooth Bore - Full Choke and Slugs

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I will be hunting with a Mossberg 695 and I want to take my wife with me and my 12 Ga Mossberg 500 w/ rifled barrel is too much gun for her.

My father has given me an old 16 Ga, bolt action shotgun with a full choke (forgive me for not having the name). What i was wondering was can slugs be shot through it and if so what type: fosters, rifled, sabots?

I have heard several different opinions about this: see links below from people who say yes you can. ... ?read=5125

I also have a youth model Mossberg 500 20 ***** w/ 3 choke tubes. Would this be a better gun for her and which choke tube and what type of slugs?

Thanks for all the help. This is a wonderful site.
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Thanks Jim,

I have heard both sides (Don't shoot slugs through a full choke gun) and (It's perfectly O.K. to shoot slugs through a full choke gun).

As for slug selection - I am under the impression that rifled slugs should be the choice for smooth-bore, full-choke guns. Is this correct?

Thanks to everyone for the excellect information.


1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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