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This could be a dumb question, but when I dry fire with my caps, I can only shoot one barrell on my O/U that has a selective barrel. I then can select the other barrel and it will fire (releasing the spring on both barrels).

At the range, I fire/release trigger/fire for skeet, doubles, etc. And had no problems the last time out. After a simple cleaning (not an entire teardown) I am not having this sequence happen with the caps.

Could this be a sign that something is wrong with the gun? Or is it something to do with using the snap caps preventing a fire/release trigger/fire for both barrels?

Help, tests, explanation is appreciated. I just don't want to go shooting and find out on the skeet field that I have only one shot available b/c of a malfunction.

Yes, I am a relatively new shooter!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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