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My wife has a 2 1/2lb Yorkshire Terrier that pulled a similar stunt with spaghetti. We were just finishing eating when we got a phone call that required us to leave abruptly and without cleaning the table etc. We came back about 2 hours later and the Yorkie was stretched out in his bed....both plates were absolutely clean as was the plate the pasta was in and the bowl the sauce was in. There were little red footprints on the table and the rug had red skid marks where he had cleaned his whiskers. He was absolutely "round" and his belly was so taut I was afraid to pick him up (I wanted to weigh him). He slept the night and most of the next morning and I don't think he ate anything for at least 2 days.

We finally figured he got on the table by jumping from the back of the sofa...a distance of about 3 feet. We assumed he just jumped off when finished.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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