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Source for LC Smith parts?

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I'm in the process of refurbishing an LC smith 12 gauge Field grade. Refinishing the stock, added a recoil pad and will have the barrels and action blued. My plans are to use it as a hunting gun since it has little or no collector value having been reblued and "blacksmithed" by one of its previous owners. I would like to replace some of the buggered screws, new springs etc and broken left sear. I have a parts diagram from the NRA Gunsmithing books and a better one from Gun Parts Corp. They have a lot of parts for the LCs but no sears in stock currently. Anybody got a source of parts for these fine old guns? Tried a few local guns shows to no avail.
Thanks in advance
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  • reedap1,

    Try for Numrich gunparts. I have found most of the screws for mine through them. They also can furnish schematics with their part numbers listed.

    Unless Your shotgun has been abused, it still has some value. I have a hammered 12 gage field grade, and I have seen several go like it for #600 to $800.

    Good luck
Great Guns makes a screw set for the LC Smith..... You can get them from Brownells in Montezuma, Iowa. Mike Orlen
I also own a L.C. Smith 12 ga Field. In witch I am having problems finding a new barrel. The problem with the one I have is that the bottom metal strip that hold both side by side barrels is coming apart. Any sudgestions on what to do???


Edwin Fabrega
Rep. of Panama
My gunsmith cold soldered the bottom rib & plate on my 1896 vintage L.C. Smith 16 Ga. He said someone made a rib epoxy he had used, but preferred to cold solder it.
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