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PIERRE, S.D. - Hunters are reminded that South Dakota has a number of hunting seasons that will soon be closing.

Seasons and their closing dates include:

Dec. 18, tundra swan, white-front goose, light goose and resident special Canada goose units 11A and 11B in Bennett County.

Dec. 20, Low Plains-south zone for duck hunting.

Dec. 25, unit 1 Canada goose.

Jan. 1, 2006, grouse/prairie chicken, partridge and pheasant.

Dec. 31, big game seasons that close include:

1. Archery deer in:

The Black Hills

Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Brown County.

Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge in Bennett County.

All South Dakota State Park and Recreation Areas.

2. Youth deer

3. Fall prairie turkey

4. Some resident elk firearms seasons.

For regular archery deer areas closing Dec. 31, hunters should consult the 2005 archery deer application found online at To find elk seasons open through Dec. 31, hunters should visit the same web address, hold their cursor over "Wildlife, Hunting and Fishing," click on the link to "Hunting" and then click on the link to "Big Game Seasons."
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