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You might want to locate (your local library probably does not have them) copies of Michael McIntosh's "Gun Review" (1997) or his earlier "Best Guns" where he talks at great length about the AyA line (very positive) somewhat less about the Ugarts (somewhat of a checkered past due to the DRIAM fiasco) but says nothing about Kestrels.

McIntosh also gives about 6 pages to Spanish history of gunmaking in general-very enlightening.

Please note his comments about the Lanber series pertain to their SxS (which are apparently no longer produced) and not the current line of O/U and Semi-Autos.

While the info is somewhat dated at this point I think an investment of $50 in these books is a good spend prior to purchasing Spanish imports.

For anyone making a serious purchase/investment in Spanish SxS, these books are very helpful--IMHO
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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