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Sporting Clays In The Los Angeles Area.

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Which one do you like better
Triple B360.00%
Oak Tree00.00%
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Sporting Clays In The Los Angeles Area.

Say what you want about So. Cal. We've got restrictive guns laws, we've got Gray Davis for a few more days, we've got fires but we've got Sporting Clays ranges.

We actually have 4 Sporting Clays ranges in the Los Angeles area. Each of them holds their monthly shoot on a different weekend.

The first Sunday of the month is Triple B Clays. They're located off of the 60 near the 605.

The second Sunday of the month is Raahauges. They're located off of the 91 between the 71 and the 15.

The third Saturday of the month is Moore-N-Moore. They're located off of the 210 near the 5.

The fourth Saturday of the month is Oak Tree. They're located off of the 5 near the 14.

All of these places offer public shooting, so don't wait until they hold their monthly shoots. Contact the clubs directly for more information.

If you live in LA and you can't find a place to shoot, you're not looking in the right places.

Here's a link to pictures of some of the clubs:

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I'm a Triple B guy myself. Mike Raahauge is a great guy but his cousre lacks some of the services that the others do. The course is fun but bring your own food. Moore 'n' Moore isn't bad.
I'm shooting Oak tree this Saturday. But Triple has it all a Helice ring, Bunker Trap and bunch of trap and skeet fields.
But Moore 'n' More has Bunker too....I think.
Oh yeah I almost forgot Raahauges has a great duck club.
The only reason I have cast my vote for Raahauges ( How in havens do you pronounce that?) Is due to location, it only takes me an hour to get there any where else is a bit more. Mostly I end up having fun at five stand closer to home.
I love shotgunning and blowing those little clays to dust, I find however that I have picked one expansive hobby. :lol:
If it takes you an hour to get Raahauges you should have something much closer.
I may have Exaggerated the distance a bit but not much.
We have two fine shooting ranges right around the corner,
Redlands trap and skeet, and the inland fish and game conservation.
Both fine facilities but no sporting clays then searching further a field one can visit west end gun club, (no SC) , Prado Olympic shooting range, also no SC is not to far from mike raahauge's .
I'm not complaining mind you, ours is a somewhat obscure sport, and just because I'm in love with the sport does not mean that someone should build a sporting clays course in my back yard... oh... what a fine thought ha ?
Prado has a sporting clays league after 3:30 on staurday's or sunday's I'm not too sure but your right might as we go to Raahauges right down the road. How far is Raahagues from Prado, like a mile right?
I shoot sporting clays at Triple B once a week because of its location. I've shot s/c and IPSC handgun events at Raahauges about six years ago or so. I've heard good things about Oak Tree from a friend at work and I'm looking forward to going there when time permits. I have the s/c bug and want to try and shoot at as many different places as possible.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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