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I stopped at my local Gander Mountain store a couple weeks ago and was interested in the Spartan 12ga single barrel Sporting.They didn't have one in stock and offered to transfer one from one of their other stores with no obligation to buy if I didn't like the gun, when it came in,well low and behold got the call 11/25 the gun was there.
I ran right down (in a lake effect blizzard BTW)and on inspection I was really impressed with the value,very good barrel to reciever fit and finish(excellent figured very dark, european walnut) of this gun.
I happened to take a printout of a competitors price of $194.44 and Gander Mountains store manager honored their price matching policy and reduced the price from their SKU price of $229.
The usual tightness was very evident,as mentioned by others on this forum but a good cleaning, deburring on some edges , and emery paper to the face of the ejector where it rubs the reciever, and greasing of friction points and a cpl hundred openings and closings have cured this.

So if you go to check out the Spr100 Sporting you better buy 2 if there's another shooter in your family,or you'll have a hard time using it yourself.
I also own competition "B" guns, BT99+ AND 682X Unsingle 2bbl set,and other than maybe adding a Hi-Vis front bead (eyes more than 1/2 century old need these)and maybe a Butt pad upgrade, find very few faults,especially for a gun under $200
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