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Stainless sxs

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Has anyone ever sold a stainless steel side by side?

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I believe I saw one in a coachgun, made by Stoeger. Probably not too popular otherwise. Most people want classic looks from a classic style gun. Berreta makes a stainless over/under for waterfowl. At least I think it's stainless, gray, textured barrels.

The Stoeger stuff is nickel, bright and shiney or matte.
That O/U referred to above is a Ruger Red Label with stainless finish and synthetic stock. Almost an 8lb beast.

I posted a lament on no really good foul weather upland (or waterfowl for that matter) guns in an earlier post. Perhaps the best option is to get a blued one you like and get in plated/coated in something very rustproof and make sure the stock is waxed or laquered inside as well as outside if it's wood.

Maybe gunkote, NP3, others. Could you talk Glock into "Tennifering" a shotgun? Good luck.
I saw a stainless 10 gauge side by side once, I think it might of been american arms but I'm not sure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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