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startings of a HD and hunting shot gun (sorry 56k warning)

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Well sorry for the size of the pictures but my camera was on large and i cant resize but here is the base for my home defence ******, bought it new for 600 and it came as is with a case, shell belt, sling, and a hunting jacket has a full rifle barrel i havent been able to find anyone else on the forum with this set up so check it out tell me what you think. i plan on a short barrel maybe 18" if RI will allow that short gotta check a new stock forearm tac light and maybe some sort of mounted shell holder, its i think 4+1 magazine so maybe an extension is at hand now for the porno
sorry for the size ugh******/IMG_1023.jpg******/IMG_1025.jpg******/IMG_1024.jpg
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I have that stock on my turkey gun, a little on the heavy side but I don't mind that much. Good looking setup.
Thanks! I like my guns heavy first off im young (20) and fairly strong so it doesnt get to me. secondly i like them heavey they it reminds me that its real and it keeps me thinking this is not a toy dont treat it like it is.
Never tried one of those thumb-hole stocks. Some say they are the bee's-knees, though.

Another good thing with weight, it helps a little with recoil.
I like the looks of that laminate. :D

The cool thing with that cantilever barrel is that you can swap barrels out without losing zero.
I like Thumbhole stocks when shooting from a stationary position, but not for a HD / Tactical set-up...

Have you tried shooting the thumbhole stock lefty??

The reason I ask is that is a home defense / tactical situation, you cannot always rely on being able to take right-handed
shots all the time. For example, you might be forced to take cover behind a baricade (wall) that shooting the gun right-
handed would leave you too exposed, or how about a "worse case scenario", your right hand becomes injured....

I wouldn't recommend a thumbhole stock that isn't ambidexterous, Remington's new ShurShot™ thumbhole looks like
it has addressed this problem.... but, I doubt you can buy just the stock yet.

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normally i would agree with you smitty but my hand is large enough that i easily hold it like a non thumb hole stock or i can hold it with my left hand in the hole plus i can one arm it and decently control the recoil, part of the HD course i took at the a local private club was all about worst case. they taught good stuff, one arm control off hand shooting loading, tactical assement in low light and harsh enviroments, good stuff if you ask me, although they teach off hand shooting i still cant hit jack
I had one of those thumbhole stocks on my turkey gun. I didn't like it for the fact it couldn't be shot left handed. I've never had to do it, but I like to be able to shoot from either side while hunting turkeys.
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