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Steel shot cartridges

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How good are they? Are they a viable alternative to lead?Noisier? Punchier? What about Timber damage? Environment pollution (rust in the water course)Cheaper?
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Like deadpair says lead shot will quickly devolope a corrosion layer that will prevent the lead from entering the environment. The corrosion layer will stay in place unless exposed to a strong acid (like whats in your stomach). Most of the problems with waterfowl and lead shot are like any bird waterfowl have gizzards, birds will ingest small stones and sand and hold them in their gizzards to help grind up the seeds they eat so they can continue to digest them. If they get a couple lead shot in their gizzard the lead will break down and enter their system resulting in lead poisoning.

Steel is more expensive but less of an environmental hazzard. It is also less dense and doesn't carry energy as well as lead. I haven't shot any steel shot at clay targets so I'm not real sure how well it does but at least one club near by in NY has swapped over to steel only. The club I'm a member at has some shot fall into a water shed. We have had studies done to show the lead doesn't enter the water.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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