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stevens 311 firing pin wrench???

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Looking for a wrench to unscrew the firing pins and not having any luck finding it.
Anyone know where I can get one?
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The firing pins on a 311 are retained by screws in the rear of the action. Remove the screws beside the firing pins and the pins and springs can be withdrawn to the rear. No special wrench is required.

Thanks for the help.
Buddy of mine said I needed a special wrench for it but once I got inside they are easy to change....gotta watch which buddies I listen to!
Remove the butstock.
Leave forearm and barrels on.
Open the breech as far as you can and that will give you the most clearance to get the screws out.
Are you saying that you can replace the firing pin on a 311 without removing the hammers? I have always removed the sears and hammers to get access to the firing pin. Reinstalling the hammers is a major PITA!
Yes, sorry I am working 2 jobs.
Piece of cake replacing them with hammers in.
Even on a .410 where there is less room.
I tried to do it without removing the hammers but couldn't get the hammers back far enough to get clearance.
How do you do it?
You must leave the barrels and fore-end on.
I then put the barrels on the floor open the gun and open some more, and keep the pressure on. You need to open it as far as it will go and keep it there. Use a smaller than required screwdriver.
I have only done it on a guns with two triggers. 12,16,20 and 410.
If the screws are really tight, then removing the hammers may be the only way with out buggering up the screws.
I have a double ended right angle screw driver. If the screw slot is in just the wrong place it will be near impossible to get it out also, but I have never needed to remove the hammers for firing pin replacement.
I also have a pair of hemostats (vein and artery clamps or roach clips which ever generation you are from) which are very useful once the screws are loosened.
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