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Stevens 311 Restoration

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I have a Stevens 311, .410 that belonged to my father, and before him, my grandfather. Unfortunately, another family member had this gun for a while, and stored it in a soft cast that got wet. I've cleaned the gun up, but there is some light pittting on the outside of the barrels, and most of the blue and case coloring is gone. The stock and inside of the barrells are in good shape. Can anyone recomend a gunsmith to polish, blue, and case color this gun? I'm sure that it holds more sentimental than real value, but don't mind spending a fair price to get it done right. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hey Cur dog, Where are you located? When anything is asked about restoring and gun that means alot or cost alot, I think of Doug Turnbull in New York(state). He is about the best if not the best. He did a flues ithaca, and I though my dad was going to cry when I gave it back to him. The whole gun looked better than when it was new, said my dad. Williams gunsight if another plaqce to check. Both can be found on the net. Turnbull has some great photos. By the way, how many curs do you have? I am down to two. They are old, like me. but still pretty good. Good luck!
There are two names to come quickly to my mind. One is Doug Turnbull at Color Case and already mentioned and the other is Pete Mazur in Grass Valley CA. Pete's entire business is on restoring firearms to any degree you want. Bear in mind that this is not a cheap process and will cost far more than the gun is worth. People seem to be shocked and expect that if the value of the firearm is less then the person should not charge as much. I am not saying you have that attitude just bear that in mind. The time and cost for them to do this work matters not whether it is a Stevens 311 or a Winchester 21. It is all a matter of time and money their time and your money.
Thanks for the info. I'll give these guys a call.

Ddawg-We're in Indiana. We have one Catahoula, about 4 years old. More of a house dog than hunter, but loves chasing anything with fur.
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