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I purchased a used Stevens 411 and it shoots really nicely. All the original information from Savage Arms indicates that this shotgun was steel ready. However, the choke tubes that came with the gun (not entirely sure if they are the original or not) are clearly marked lead.

I don't have a Stevens manual, but I found a Baikal manual that indicates that there were two types of screw in chokes tubes available, one that is steel compatible and one that is lead only. Based upon the description of how the lead only tubes are installed (they fit slightly below flush of the muzzle), it seems that mine are definitely the lead only tubes. Again, I am not sure if this is how the gun was shipped, or this is just what the seller had installed when he put the gun on consignment.

My question: If I were to purchase some Trulock steel rated, flush mount choke tubes, could I shoot steel out of the gun? I guess I am wondering whether the shotgun itself is steel rated? Is it really the choke tube that defines whether it is steel capable or not, or do you have to worry about the barrel too? I suppose worst case I could call Savage Arms.

Thanks in advance.
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