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Stoeger Coach Gun

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Is a Stoeger Coach Gun good for home defense?
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A SXS would be good for HD needs. My 12 gauge Mossberg is good for HD needs. As long as it goes bang when you pull the trigger(s) it is suitable. If you won't be shooting it a lot and sitting loaded until needed a SXS is hard to beat due to most simple shotgun around (very important). If you will be shooting it regularly, a pump would be better due to more rounds fired quicker once you master pumping in a stressful situation.

I have a 40 S&W handgun as my by the bed HD gun because it is smaller and very easy to bring into action. 15 shots help also.

If I hade time I would get my 12 gauge (6shots) or my 40 carbine rifle (11 shots). Which ever one I had my wife would have the other one or be on the cell/phone to the police.

Having a SXS would be very good and good for your wife/girlfriend if they don't shot a lot due to easy action.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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