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Stoeger Coach Gun

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Is a Stoeger Coach Gun good for home defense?
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Personally, I like the idea of the double backed up with a pistol.

I'll probably get jumped on for this, but I keep a loaded Uplander (an 870 before I got the Stoeger) under the bed and a little .380 Baretta stuck in the mattress (plus a couple of other arms strategically located in other parts of the house). I come from the school of thought that an unloaded pistol equates to nothing more than a rock and and unloaded long gun is nothing more than a club.

With my combination, I figure I've got 11, reliable shots close at hand and all could do considerable damage in the situation where you would be shooting at extremely close range.

I also hope and pray that I'd never have to use any of them.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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