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Stoeger Coach Gun

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Is a Stoeger Coach Gun good for home defense?
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I think these are perfect home defense guns.

Two triggers, means 2 firing pins. In the computer world we call this High Availability.

Easy to load, point, shoot. Not too many moving parts to get gummed up.

What do lion and hippo hunters shoot? That's right DOUBLE GUNS!
Here is the reason I'd prefer a double over a pump.

Let's say we have a Model 1300 or 870 and you shoot a bird load cause that's what your lawyer advised.

Now let's add in some adrenaline and a very tense situation and you decide to slide that safety off, boom, you short shuck the round and the gun decides not to shuck that shell, the next sound from your gun is CLICK or nothing at all.

How many people are you shooting at in a home defense situation? I think by and large it's ONE or maybe two.

It only takes one to either scare or kill, I've got one extra the way I see it.

Plus let's say your inside of 30" from the intruder, I'd think it would be easier to use your double barrel as a baseball bat. Just fits the hands better for taking one deep.
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I'm not into the tactical stuff either SamL mostly I just like short sxs over short pumps and I also think your lawyer would have an easier time defending you from the lawsuit your intruders family will bring if you have a coach gun.

Just my .02.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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