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Stoeger Coach Gun

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Is a Stoeger Coach Gun good for home defense?
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Personally, I want more than 2 rounds available to me. But if it was all I had I would make do with it.

Edit: You slipped a reply in while I was composing mine.

I question the "benefit" of having only two shots. As I said above, you could "make do" with a double barrel if that's all you've got. But if you're going out to buy a home defense gun, I'd suggest a pump with an extended mag tube.

You might also check out the "Tactical Shotguns" section of this forum. Lots of info there.

-- Sam
clayshooter25/25 said:
Why should you want or need more than 2 shots? Your not going to renact D-day in your own house :lol: .
Hopefully not. :)

Because the "conventional wisdom" among home protectionists is to have as much ammo at your disposal as possible. "The first rule of a gunfight is to bring a (loaded) gun."

In that afore-mentioned stressful situation it will be very easy to miss your target. Now you've got one shot left. What happens if there are two (or more) of them? What happens if 3 guys break your door down in a home invasion type scenario? I'd trust my ability to not short-shuck my pump more than I'd trust my ability to not run out of shells at an inopportune time.

I'm not one of these Tactical Ted types that doesn't go to the bathroom unarmed, either. Heck, I try to be the "voice of reason" over in the Tactical Shotguns forum, where it sounds like some people are just waiting for the opportunity to unload on someone. I really don't want to ever have to shoot anyone, but if I'm in the position of having to defend myself I do not want to be limited by the capacity of my equipment.

-- Sam
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Aries said:
Also, the overall length of a coach gun is shorter than a tactical, right?
That would depend on the "tactical".

A Coach Gun is 36-1/2" long (just checked the site, nice guy that I am... :)). My Mossberg 500 with a 18.5" barrel on it is somewhere around 35" (I know it's shorter than my 37" 10/22). Too close to make a distinction. Your mileage may vary depending on stock and barrel length.

Hey, whack the stock off at the pistol grip on that coach gun and you'll have something really small. (Legal notice: NO, I am not actually suggesting anyone do this!)

Another edit, to addresss a post entered while I was typing:

Also, I suppose if you didn't want to pinpoint your location in the dark, reloding a double would be better than racking a pump and the second shot would be faster?
Huh? Reloading a double might make a tad less noise than racking a pump (I almost typed "pimp" :)), but the break-open is still going to make some noise. Whether this would come into play in a defensive scenario is questionable. Most people want the sound of the pump, as another possible detriment to the criminal.

As for reloading a double faster than you can work the slide on a pump? I don't think so...

-- Sam
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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