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Stoeger Condor for the wife?

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I want to get my wife into trap/skeet shooting. I dont shoot very often and its usually informal (hand thrown with friends) but I would like us to get more serious about it. I have a Stoeger 2000 deluxe and absoultely love it but I am afraid with the recoil operated action that it will have too much kick for her. Although she is a larger woman 5'11'. I was looking at getting her the Stoeger Condor Deluxe 20 ga o/u. I think this should be a economical good "starter" gun for her. Any opinions on this would be appreciated
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You may find that the 20ga kicks more than the 12 due to the lighter weight of the gun.

If she is able to use the 12 try the lighter 1oz loads with a correct length stock and good recoil pad, options like recoil reducers are also an option.
Thats good advice... and just make sure you stick with the O/U. The 2000 doesn't cycle light loads very well and you would be defeating the purpose.
I was planning on sticking to the O/U but I can remember when I was younger, owning a H&R single 12 ga. And that dang thing would beat you to death before you could drop it. So I am kind of leary of getting her a light 12 ga. I really wont have the oportunity to test both before I buy one so whatever I choose will have to do. Does anyone know for sure that the extra weight on the 12 ga O/U will compensate that much for the recoil to make it more user friendly then the 20 ga O/U?
You say that you would like to get your wife into shooting--what does your wife say about that? Has she done any shotgun shooting? Before you go to the expense of purchasing an O/U, she should express a high level of interest.

In the past 20 years I've seen too many women shoot no more than one day and give it up because they did not appreciate getting brused black and blue.

My suggestion is to buy her something like a Remington 1100/87 12ga, have a mercury recoil reducer put in and load it with 7/8 oz target loads.

The combination of the semi-auto action, the mercury recoil reducer and low power shells will, most likely keep her in the game. You just will not find softer recoil. After she shoots this for six months to a year (perhaps with 1oz shells) she will be in a much better positon to determine whether she wants to handle an O/U.

Believe me, there is a WORLD of difference in the recoil of a recoil reduced semi-auto and an O/U.

In addition, during the "trial" period she will have the opportunity to view and shoot guns belonging to other shooters to find out how they feel to her--including the recoil.

When she 'graduates' you will most likely get all your $ out of the 1100/87.

Good luck and let us know what/why you decide.
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I'll second the above, and add that you should lso spend the $30-50 and put a decent recoil pad on that 1100/87. I saw one at the range last week that had a hard plastic butt plate on it. It looked like it hurt. If you think she's recoil sensitive at all it's worth the money.

-- Sam
I agree with the above 2 posts. When my ex-wife wanted to start shooting, I got her an 1187 12ga. She shot that for 4-5 months and then got a Browning 425 Citori in 20 ga. She has since graduated to a BT-100 12 ga. and she shoots that all of the time. Both of the O/Us had the stocks cut down to fit her and good recoil pads. She is 5ft 5 in. and weighs about 115 lbs.
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