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For all the Stoeger M2000 owners, I have an issue. Bought a used M2000 a few years back from a buddy of mine. Ran fine for the first couple years but then started to give me some issues. The 2 main issues were the bolt locking back and the shells not ejecting. I realized that I will missing a washer in the forend and bought a new one - this is around the time that the bolt locking back issue was solved.

My current issue is 3" shells failing to eject. They hang up halfway in/out the receiver. Tried Kent, Hevi Steel, and Hevi Shot. Shot 3 of each back to back in the order listed. Kents went 2 rounds (6 shells) without a hiccup but the Hevi's failed to eject at least 1 time each round. 3rd round of shots, Kents failed to eject.

I replaced the entire ejecting housing, spring, plunger - everything.

Any help would be appreciated. I plan on buying a new SX3 within the month - but wont have it in by season opener.
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