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My father left me his trap gun when he died in 1987. I used to shoot pretty regularly here in MI (Trap) but for the past several years I've gotten more into wood working.

My dad's gun is a Stoeger Trap Gun, 12 ga., Made in Italy. The gun is stamped "USIL Special with a serial number of 42010.

Do you have any idea whether this gun is something that is worth a lot of money? If so, I'd like to sell it so it doesn't go to waste just sitting in it's case.


Craig Feringa
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Craig , yes as a rule Stoegers are usually reasonably valuable, the trick of it is you pretty much have to match them up with contemporary guns of the era of manufacture since there were several manufacturers of Stoeger branded guns. I tried keywording Stoeger trap gun and USIL Special on several sites and came up dry.

Contacting Stoeger might pay dividends, I don't know how congenial they are or if they have a historian ,

Another choice would be to try a larger gunshop for ID.....
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