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I have a set of snap caps for all my guns and always use them, have for nearly 40 years. Here's what I've learned. The Azoom cap[s don't impress me. The "primer" is a piece of teflon that eventually wears out. The plastic ones break after a very few cycles, always. The woolly ones are the worst thing you can put in your gun. Wool is hygroscopic (traps moisture) and will trap moisture no matter how much oil you put on it.

Personally, I use the brass ones with the adjustable "primer" section. The adjustment is important because you want enough tension on the spring to soften the pin strike, but not so much resistance that you damage the firing pin face.

I've never had an issue at the range (any range) like Doc points out, but I can see his point. If it ever became an issue, I'd stop using them at the range, but would continue at home. On the same note, the caps I mostly use are brass or nickel plated brass and are short, about 2 inches or less, so they are relatively easy to identify.

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