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As already stated, take the barrels off and look at the proof marks. That will tell you where it was made. For Belgian proof marks, look here:

These guns were made in England by JP Clabrough and later in Belgium by Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin. The English made guns usually have William Parkhurst on them, while the Belgian guns often have Wm Parkhurst. I suspect this one is Belgian, because of the "machine made". Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin had registered Union Machine Co of New York as one of their trademarks. I have seen "machine made" on other low end Belgian exports. The interesting question is who was making the guns for Clabrough, as almost all their guns were from Scott.

14 gauge was a carry over from the muzzle loader days. Many times a muzzle loader was supplied with a mold and patch cutter, so exact gauge was not that important. It went through a few incarnations as a pinfire and then as a centerfire.
This is the bore size, not the choke and not the chamber.
12 gauge .729
13 gauge .710
14 gauge .693
16 gauge .663

I am not sure if any one makes 14 gauge shells any more. It would be possible to contact Gauge-Mate have them make a 20ga insert. Short of that it is not a shooter.
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