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Super X2 Elite LF

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It sure looks good with the silver/gold receiver and @ 6 3/4 lbs. (28"), is this too good to be true @ $1,000?

Any experiences with this gun. Was trying to get the Super X2 Sporting Signature Series II but really hard to find and ran across the Elite LF.

Opinions please - thanks.
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This model is the same as standard SX2 with a few differences. The rib is off the Browning fusion as well as the alloy recoil and magazine tubes. I'm not sure what the Elite part is. Is it a higher grade finish on the Light Field?
Worc, yes it is an upgrade to the "Light Field." In fact, I am in the process of purchasing one now. Will let you know how it shoots on the clays and second season doves - I am excited. It was down to the Super X2 Signature Series II Sporting. Then I got to thinking about the weight and the Texas heat in Sept. on doves - had to go with the 6 3/4lbs.
Able Ammo , per Justin today has over a dozen , but, at close to $1200 ea . As I understand , the SCs model are about $300 less expensive and can be had with a 30" barrel .

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