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SX405 Owners - What Barrel Length Do You Have?

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I know, I am still on the fence. Am getting close though. Just curious what is a good (if there is such a thing) barrel length for 405?

It will be used for trap when younger brother is in town.

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Mine came with a 26", kind of wanted to stick with 28" because that's all I've ever shot, but 26 was all Gander Mountain had, so close enough. This way an add extended choke tubes without making the gun longer than 28" barrel would have been.

I have a '26 also. Im a shorter guy so I decided on that. It takes some getting used to after shooting mostly 28's but I think its easier to handle.
26", and Im going to get the extendable chokes to make it like a 27".

I too woulda liked a 28" but I hear that there really isn't a difference b/w 26" and the 28", so it really doesn't matter.
I also have a 26" length. If I can get a 21" barrel inexpensively I'll purchase it otherwise I'll shorten the barrel to 20".
Mine came with a 26" barrel, but I bought a 30" barrel from BC outdoors before they went belly up....

Mike Doerner
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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