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sxs or o/u?

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I have been thinking about getting a double barrel shot gun for skeet shooting and I am wondering if there is much difference between the two as far as shooting goes. I have heard that a sxs is not as good for skeet shooting because of the two barrels obstructing your vision, though I like the looks and nastalga (sp?) part of the sxs. Any thoughts?

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Not sure if it would block view. Seems to me it would depend on what station you were shooting.

Most people that I have chatted with have stated that it is generally easier for an individual to shoot an o/u vs an sxs.

With that said, I have met a number of people that are so talented with a sxs that just the removal of the sxs from it's case causes birds and clays fall from the sky! :lol:

I too am fond of the tradtion associated with them. I am looking for a nice (reasonably priced) 20 or 28 gauge. I have made a commitment to shoot it regulary and without fail until I get comfortable.

Don't buy what everyone else is shooting. Go with your preference. With a quality/decent sxs, you can tear up the clays just as quick !!!!

Good luck. Let everyone know if and when you purchase.
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