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Synthetic stocks for Browning A-500G?

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I've had my A-500G Sporting Clays for over 16 years and it was my first 12 ***** shotgun. It holds a lot of sentimental value for me and still use it for clays and waterfowl hunting. The deal is the wood stocks are still in fair condition with no deep scratches, cracks or worn varnish but I'd like to get some synthetic stocks installed for waterfowl hunting. I saw a site that sells them for the A-5 and I was wondering if they were compatable or not or if there is a vendor that sells them for the A-500. Thanks.
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I have yet to find synthetic stocks for the A500 from any manufacturer.
The A-500 series was never very popular or well received. There are next to no aftermarket parts for them. The simple answer is no one makes a synthetic stock for them.
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