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Q Can you help me find info on age and value of Triumph double barrel Shotgun....the only # I can find is 53053
Belonged to my grandfather, so it's old but I don't know how old.
A Triumph was a trade name used by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on shotguns.
I don't know about the age, but the value depends on the condition of the shotgun. The values I've found range from $85 (poor) to around $160 (good).

Trapdoor shotgun
Q I have an old shotgun it loads in an interesting way? Instead of the normal break action of a single shot it has a hinged cover breach that flips out to the side. There is no gauge mark but looks to be 12 gauge. The breach cover appears to be brass with 1133 stamped on the top. Inside is stamped the letters LS, followed by a diamond with a vertical line out the top, next a star, last the letter D
A Sounds like a musket that was converted to cartridge. From what I've read there were a lot of Gunsmiths doing conversions around the time of the Civil War, I don't know about the factories.. It wouldn't take much to make a .69 or .58 cal to 12 ga or especially 20 ga.


Union Armera
Q I bought a cool little 28 gauge ss double from a guy I used to work with for $ says Dakin gun company, San Francisco....and Union Armera ...S L Eibar......Mo144....
A I believe Dakin was a gun manufacturer in the 1960's
Eiber has many enterprises in Spain, among them are machining and engraving
Here is a link to a Union Armera shotgun..look similar? <>
on this one there is no pic but read the specs..scroll down <>
Tell you what, I'd take this shotgun to a professional appraiser or, at a minimum spend the money for a Blue Book.

TOZ 66
Q i have double barrel with these marking on the barrel, any info would be gratfull
toz-66 2-3/4 20 ga
universal sporting goods
made in tulla USSR
A I was able to find a bit of info on your shotgun. Some had to be translated from Russian to English, so the descriptions might sound odd: <>
TOZ-''. 12- GO of caliber it was let out from 1968 through 1974 it has the intensive receiver group, the chrome-plated stems with a length of 700-720 mm with the standard muzzle contractions (right. poluchok, leftist. Chalk). The calibers are made such sizes/dimensions (18,5-18,6 mm), that they allow successful shooting paper and metallic cases, the strength of stems ensures shooting smokeless and black powder. Gunstock is birch of pistol form, weight 3,2 kg. closely grouped fire for right stem 50%, for the leftist. 60%, reach to 65%.
Q I am trying to get a value of this gun. 20ga. double barrel "double wing" 28"barrels made in spain.
A Universal Firearms- Previous division of Iver Johnson Arms. Established 1982.
Double Wing SxS
100% = $330
95% = $275
90% = $250

Valmet 412S
Q I have acquired a Valmet 412S shotgun. I just wondered what they are worth? Are there stocks you can buy for them?
[/b] A [/b] According to the Blue Book of Gun Values:
- interchangeable barrel assemblies permit a double rifle, shotgun/rifle, and O/U shotgun configuration, user installed interchangeable barrels, monobloc locking, rifle barrel positioning by adjustment, SST, extractors or ejectors, checkered walnut stock and forend, cocking indicators, blue finish. Importation on all models was disc. 1989.
Add $100 for synthetic stock on all 412 models.
Model 412S Field Grade
- 12 ga. was standard, auto ejectors, screw-in choke tubes, matte nickel finish. Imported 1986-89.
100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$855 $670 $580 $540 $475 $440 $400 "
Trap and Skeet model runs around $1,040 for 100% condition

Q Does anyone know the value of the LX702G Verona-Rizzini. I have an idea of what the LX680 and the LX692G costs, but don't know where to put the LX702G. I would appreciate it very much if someone could help me. The gun is 99%+ with box and papers.
A MSRP is $1,581 at
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