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Tactical bolt handle for my Remington 1100 Sporting 12?

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Hey folks,
Q about bolt handles -

I'm shooting a Remington 1100 Sporting 12 in clay sports, and I'm finding that a larger bolt handle would be convenient for me. The reason I'm posting here is because the style of bolt handle that looks good to me is the type found on the new Remington 1100 Competition Master (tactical style shotgun).

It obviously wouldn't be hard at all to replace the handle for they just pull straight out of the action without any disassembly - easy as pie!

So, I'm curious - has anyone seen someone do this before? Is there any reason why I shouldn't consider this?

I have found a couple of places here on the Internet that do in fact sell a tactical bolt handle for 1100 - right around $10.00. As well, I imagine I could purchase the actual handle for the Competition Master directly from Remington as well.

I'd like to hear any feedback - with practical experience or just comments.


Here's a link to that replacement handle mentioned above:
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I have the 1100 CM, and really got used to the bigger handle. I even put one on my wife's 1100lt 20. She had trouble with the standard bolt handle, but finds the larger handle easier on her hands. Easy install, just seconds.
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