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Tactical bolt handle for my Remington 1100 Sporting 12?

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Hey folks,
Q about bolt handles -

I'm shooting a Remington 1100 Sporting 12 in clay sports, and I'm finding that a larger bolt handle would be convenient for me. The reason I'm posting here is because the style of bolt handle that looks good to me is the type found on the new Remington 1100 Competition Master (tactical style shotgun).

It obviously wouldn't be hard at all to replace the handle for they just pull straight out of the action without any disassembly - easy as pie!

So, I'm curious - has anyone seen someone do this before? Is there any reason why I shouldn't consider this?

I have found a couple of places here on the Internet that do in fact sell a tactical bolt handle for 1100 - right around $10.00. As well, I imagine I could purchase the actual handle for the Competition Master directly from Remington as well.

I'd like to hear any feedback - with practical experience or just comments.


Here's a link to that replacement handle mentioned above:
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Wow, this is an old thread revisited - guess that might be a good thing pertaining to your question.

Since the middle of last Summer I've used this shotgun exclusively for Trap, and I've come to truly love it! I really can't say anything bad at all about it, only good. It is a beautiful firearm - the wood is exquisite! The operation has been flawless - it's seen perhaps 2,000 rounds since new last Summer. Tear down is oh so simple too. I was so impressed with this firearm my Son received a brand new 1100 youth for passing his firearms safety training. Now we're a pair! :D

Last Summer was my first real exposure to shotgunning and clay sports. Wanted something that could pretty much do it all, without the requirement of being a hunting gun as well. Really took my time with the research, and when all was said & done and I had it in my hands at the Gander Mountain, I knew it was the one. I believe nothing else in that class of firearm can beat it for the price - just over $700.

As far a how well it shoots for me - after just last Summer I'm firmly in the middle of class A trap leagues at the local club with a handicapped average of 21. Shot a couple (2) perfect 25 rounds at 16 yard, and oh too many 24's and 23,s & 22's... :wink: It's workin' for me, fer sure.

I highly recommend the Sporting 12 and I believe it will hold it's value rather well as compared to regular versions of the 1100 and 1187 family of shotguns. It is extremely rare to find used Sporting series shotguns. I feel it's rather likely that this shotgun will be my lifelong keeper for clay sports. I may have to have it rebuilt periodically (and maybe not) but that's okay - it fits me so well and I've become so familiar with it that I just couldn't imagine trying to relearn a new gun at this stage.
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Great stuff WinM12! I hope you come to love yours as much as I love mine, which is A LOT! :D

And tvone, thanks so much for your review of the larger handle. Yours was the first of the thread, some 6+ months later... :wink:

It's funny, I never did go buy that bolt handle. I found that there are just so few times that I had to manually open the breech that I didn't bother getting one after all. But now that I'm revisiting this thread, I went back and looked at the two listed above again. After looking at the one on the Brownell's site that bdelp posted, I realized that I wanted a new Brownell's catalog, which is $5 by itself, or free with an order. Guess I'll be checking out that larger bolt handle after all... :)
Received that bolt handle today and thought I'd report on it for any other interested parties.

For a simple little piece of metal, it's actually well built - perfect black parkerized finish with no burrs or sharp metal.

Slipped right in, and nice and tight. It MOST CERTAINLY makes opening that breech effortless! Off hand operation is absolutely no problem at all.

I imagine for the tactical folks out there, a bolt handle like this is an absolute must. BUT, for the clay shooter there is a big problem. With the factory handle installed and the gun shouldered you cannot see the bolt handle at all - just hides over there on the right side. With this tactical bolt handle, it sticks right up in the right side vision path BIG TIME - it's just as high as the barrel sights! I'm certain this would be a distraction to a clay shooter, or at least in the very minimum something new to get used to.

What the heck - I'll give it at least a one round try and see what I think...
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