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Talk to me about Front Shooting

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So here is the deal. Define front shooting and whn does shooting a bird in front of the line become front shooting? We were hunting Nebraske this weekend on a Controlled Shooting Preserve. 10 birds a day per hunter. Lots of birds all day. THere were 6 of us for 2 days and we shot 94 Pheasant plus assorted chucker and quail. One complaint was that this place had rows mowed in the cover about every 10 yards and had us walking every row. Thats pretty close. Guy on my immedate right is fairly new, second year, and to his right is another friend, on his second trip. Rooster flushes in the row of cover to my right, between me and my friend. A GSP pointed it who was walking up my row. Phesant flies to the right. I give it a second, nothing happens, bird is about 20 feel high, bang, I blow it out of the sky and it tumbles straight down into the row to my right. Then, friend gets on my case about "front shooting" him. This was my 5th bird of the morning and he was probably one one or two. I don't see it as bad edequette (sp?) and here's why. One, we were both probably 15 yards from it when it flushed. Birds got to fly some direction, right? THey don't all fly striaght away. We were too close together anyway. Were supposed to be working as a team, anyway, right? Which means if you have a clear shot, then shot. If the bird gets shot twice, so be it. Were paying for 10 birds each and the guides what us to limit. I did give him a second to take first shot and he was slow. Were seeing pleanty of birds anyway and were not on a 3 bird limit and its not going to be hard to limit. Not like I shot a bird against his limit. My angle on the shot was probably no more than 45 degrees. It not like it flushed in front of him and I pasted him with feathers. To me Front shooting is taking a bird that is a lot closer to one hunter than the shooter, not simply one that is flying their direction.

Anyway, it really bothered me. Tell me if I was right or wrong, or if I should have waited.
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What you just described is one reason why I'll only go to a preserve once or twice a year at most. Some guys are more worried about "getting their moey's worth" or "getting their fair number of shots" than in just having a good time and enjoying themselves. I admit it - its tough to not think like that when you know there's only 20 birds outs there for 4 guys and one person already has three roosters in the bag and you're still stuck on one hen and you both threw in $100.

I suspect that may have had something to do with it. As long as it wasn't an unsafe shot - I wouldn't have a problem with someone taking it if I were too slow.
I don't see where you did anything wrong. You gave him a chance to shoot and then took the shot. I like others feel dollars may have come into play. I preserve shoot with 2 friends and a nephew on a regular basis. I'm 67 and am quicker on a covey rise than they are(10-30 yrs younger) but the I have been quail hunting since the age of 9 and they started 5-6 yrs ago. The good natured banter that comes out of this is priceless. I know that with age I am slowing down some and they will be passing me up on quickness and I will be catching the flak. Lordy, we sure do have a lot of fun! Sorry it did not work out that way for you.
Climbhard said:
So here is the deal. Define front shooting and whn does shooting a bird in front of the line become front shooting?
There is no such thing; there is safe shooting, ethical shooting, and the rest is beer foam.

"Friends" of average intelligence can sort out their own peripheral details . . . before going hunting.
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