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Target counters and extra target usage

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I had a question for some of the clubs using counter systems. What is your target usage % after implementing the counters? Currently I am being paid for about 79.6% of my targets. The 20.4% includes me setting the course, show birds, and no birds. The few ranges that I have spoken to said if I remain at above 70% not to worry about spending the money on the counters.

What was your % before and % after? How much did it cost to put in? How much additional maintenance is required? Any people try to bypass the counters? What brands do you like?


Some more information:

We currently do not have trappers. Groups go through with a self pull so labor dsoesnt help.

I am not concerned about people being able to shoot by themselves. I have two members who use the ClayDelay system that allows reports, trues, following, or singles all with a programmable delay. I would rather buy two of these for those who want to shoot by themselves instead of a complete counter system.

We check battery voltage once a week minimum, catching most. I think my machines are fair on reliability. I currently am at about 0.5% - 1.5% no birds depending on what the past weather was.

One issue I had with the preloaded cards instead of counters is that, after speaking to a few ranges, that since you preloaded the card for 33 targets on the 5-stand they think they should be able to always shoot 33 targets. So if they saw them their first round they dont need to see them their second but they use those extra 8 targets as "free" targets.

Does anyone have any numbers on your current % being paid for using counters?
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As a shooter and one who wishes to not see prices raise, put one in as soon as you can.

I see more abuse then anyone can imagine. Not uncommon to see the "regulars" shoot 150 targets and pay for 100.

I have not seen it in use at many clubs, but the key system works well. The La Roue du Roy in Quebec has a system installed on two courses and the skeet fields.

The last time I shot practice on a squad we used three keys. My wife and I had one for are use.

The club places so many targets on the key. I would do the opposite and set it to count up, as the claymate counter.

At the Roue you can purchase a key with I think 2,500 targets programed for a slight discount. They call it the corporate key.
Where I shoot at in England the ground owner installed the Claymate Counter system for a cost of $16000.
The owner reckoned he was using 50% more clays than what his customers were paying for.
Since installation his profits are up and nobody cheats him anymore, he allows 10% for no birds and so you can see a pair before you shoot.

The company who installed the Claymate told him that he would get his investment back within 8 months,which he has.

He lost a few customers at first it's obvious who they were but now numbers are back to normal.
Most grounds over here use Claymate really you cannot afford to be without it.
The need to have counters doesn't say much for the honesty of shooters in general and target shooters in particular. But all for them if it will keep clubs open and costs within reason.
The good thing about counters is that they treat everybody the same.
Not everybody is honest :(
So if they saw them their first round they dont need to see them their second but they use those extra 8 targets as "free" targets.

If you factor in the cost of these targets, what difference does it make if they shoot at them of not, aren't they paying for them anyway? My feeling is if I'm willing to not take my lookers I can shoot at the extras. Do you credit the shooter that doesn't take his lookers?

I'd look hard at a prepaid key system if for no other reason that you get to hold the money!
I shoot at a couple automated courses. One course has 16 stations, and they consider a round to be 100 targets per shooter and 32 show birds. They take your word for broken targets and no-throws. Another course has over 30 shooting stations spread out all over the place. They allow 40 targets for show, breakage, etc. They ask you to move along if a trap throws more than 3 broken/no throws. You can shoot the show targets, or not. It doesn't matter. Both courses charge about 3.3 cents for the 1st hundred, and about 2.8 cents for "extra" targets.
Unfortunately, there are some dishonest people out there who, given the opportunity, will shoot until they run out of ammunition, then claim they only shot 100.
Regards, George
show birds are figured into the price over a series of rounds not every round. That mentality is what is driving my extra target usage up. If you shoot a course in a group of 5 people it should be 524 targets thrown not 620. The same thing with a 5-stand, skeet, wobble, flurry... Prices are not based on a per round but an average per round. You are not paying for 124 targets per round of sporting clays. If you choose not to use your show birds think of it as a donation to help make up for those who dont understand it.

You are paying for 100 so you should shoot only 100.

Also, to ansswer your question about a discount: If a group goes out and doesnt use their show birds then I wouldnt mind giving them a round of 5-stand or a discount.
Wow! I went to your web sight. I wish I lived by your club. Out here in California I drive 50 miles to pay $38.00 for 120 targets, including lookers, and the skeet field sucks and wobble trap is a swear word. Maybe thats why they don't mind if we shoot at the lookers.
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