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Target Speed

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Does anybody know what the target speed should be for skeet? It seems to me that the targets are pretty fast at the club that I shoot at but I haven't shot anywhere else to compare them with.:G
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Can't tell you the actual speed. It's not part of the regs. A regular target is one that emerges from the house, passes through a 3 foot hoop centered 15' above the target crossing point, and stikes the ground (level with station 8) within 6' of a 60 yard marker, in a no wind condition.It's interesting that the rule says the use of a radar gun is permitted, but it never say's to what speed the target should be set.Perhaps someone else will know the speed for you.
Not knowing exactly how fast skeet birds were traveling when they reached the center crossing point of a skeet field, I decided to call a few people that might know; radar gun vendors. They agreed that a skeet bird leaves the trap at about 40mph and is going between 30 and 35mph by the time it reaches the crossing point. All of this is, of course, is dependent on the condition of the traps wind, rain, temperature, fog, snow, etc. But if we take an average nice day and use 30 to 35 mph as an average speed, we can calculate leads quite easily for the stations that require the longest lead, stations 3 low house and 5 high house. The longest shot for the average skeet shooter is the second bird at doubles at station 4, and that target is less than 30 yards away when it is broken and is an angle shot, not a true crossing shot.from an article by Tom There is a fine line between hobby and insanity.
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What about Olympic style of Trap? Aren't those thrown faster than you're average club? And wouldn't be in the best interest of the club if they could actually slow theirs down a bit, so that scores would be higher and patrons would be happier?regards,Jay
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