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It's gonna be a long haul and you might just want to let her be and try it with a puppy. But the book "Water Dog" by Wolters is a great place to start.

Before you get started though, let me share with you an age gauge and put your dogs age in and see if it's just not better to enjoy her remaining years and not try to teach her too much.
Think about trying to train a person of similar age. Not to say that 60 year olds haven't taken up hunting at that age, but it's the rare one that does. Here is a great quote from Dave Duffey (noted dog guy).

"Whether classed as children, adolescents, adults or senior citizens, hunting dogs will be better trained and more appreciated if their owners/trainers view them within a framework that mirrors our own life experiences."
"Understanding and treating sporting dogs with the consideration and empathy that sportsmen and women would extend to fellow hunters increases the satisfaction enjoyed while gunning, and decent hunting dogs deserve no less."

Dog's Age Human Age
7-8 Wks 1.5 - 2 yrs
2 months 2-3 yrs
4 months 5-7 yrs
6 months 9-10 yrs
8 months 11-12 yrs
10 months 13-14 yrs
1 yr 15-16 yrs
2 yrs 21
3 25
4 30
5 35
6 40
7 45
8 50
9 55
10 60
11 65
12 70
13 80
14 90
15 100+
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