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I find that the Wolters is a writer not a dog trainer.If your lab is very old don't all of a sudden become a germanic trainer and ruin your realtionship with her. let her enjoy her seinor years but if you want her to find upland birds and not search for downed this is what you should do.go to a local preserve where you can plant your own birds or buy some strong flying pen raised birds such as pigeons,chukar or pheasants and plant them about 15 yds from your car then kinda show her where the bird is with the first bird clip the wings (for this I highly reccomend pigeons or chukar beacause they won't fight like a pheasant) and let your dog chase it and have fun.then do the same thing but don't clip the bird shoot it and tell her what a good girl she is then plant about 4 or 5 birds in a zig-zag pattern and put her on a checkcord, 20' is fine and guider her to the birds when she has scented it drop the checkcord so she can chase and fetch the bird then repeat on the othe birds and keep doing it until she gets the idea then take her off the checkcord and hunt with her and when she is ready you can move on to wild birds.also with pen-raised clip some once in a while so she can give chase have some fun. hope this helps.
have fun
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