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yea hi, my dog is a black lab and loves to hunt. I can't go visit my parents without having him almost knock me over when I get out of my bronco. The thing is, shes getting a little old, arthritis, and a little deaf, fromt he gun shots. But worst of all she isn't too clued in as to what her job is. as soon as i lift my gun to shoot, she takes off into the water, even if i don't shoot or shoot a bird in the other direction, into the water she goes! its kinda funny i guess lab's love water but... i can get her to stay and sit as long as i want, but as soon as the gun comes up... SPLASH.. cya... and also, when she brings back a bird, she rarely brings it right to me, usually swims it to shore, and leaves it at the edge of the reads. The dog also NEVER puts her nose down and smells for birds, she'll run around like a god dam idiot looking for a fallen goose, i have no clue how to teach her to sniff. I don't feel like fetching a goose with my mouth and showing her the correct way to be a hunting dog. any suggestions???
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