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Ted Williams 12GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun

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Not sure of the exact model but a co-worker has one of these, heard of me looking for a nice auto-loader and asked that I consider his...yes or no??? (he thinks it might be a model 200 or 1200???)
Hopefully he will remember to bring it in tomorrow.
Great Find?

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well if it is an auto loader it won't be a model 200 that was a pump. It was a Winchester model 1200 pump. Most Ted Williams were based off of Winchesters.
I have a Ted Williams Model 200 pump purchased at Sears many moons ago. Very nice gun and still works great but the adjustable choke feel off during a hunt and cannot found. The gun smith tells me the parts are no longer available.

Any leads on where I might find a screw on adjustable choke?

By screw on adjustable choke , do you mean Cutts compensator style? ... HOKE+TUBES
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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